GMV NSL understand GNSS. GMV NSL understand mapping and map databases. Through the appreciation of the advantages and drawbacks of both technologies, GMV NSL have developed an advanced map matching piece of software. MatchBox combines GNSS derived positions of a vehicle with GIS-based map information to determine the exact journey travelled.

The software has been developed using a combination of mathematical theory and real-world practice and has been used for applications throughout Europe, USA and the Far East in both road and rail environments.

matchbox1The MatchBox demonstrator software

Advanced algorithms ensure that MatchBox will work in all environments, including high-rise inner cities, business districts and underground depots or stations which present many challenges to GNSS due to signal masking and multipath.



Developed in accordance with specific needs of the telematics market and to support large scale infrastructures and programmes, MatchBox is a hosted application that resides in the back-office and can support a high throughput processing of GPS data.

MatchBox is designed for volume applications that require the confidence of the route a vehicle has taken, producing a "confidence factor" summarising whether GPS can be relied upon for liability critical applications. It is the first map-matching software to introduce easy to understand quality metrics for the end-users.