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Space data’s new place in landslide monitoring



23rd September 2020


In recent months Scotland has seen a number of high-profile landslips, including the train derailment near Stonehaven that tragically led to loss of life, and multiple road blockages along the famous A83 Rest and Be Thankful pass through the Highlands. Whilst these sites are actively monitored and managed by geotechnical engineers, there is a role for Space in delivering information that can’t be obtained from solely land-based equipment.


‘LiveLand’ is a European Space Agency (ESA) Space Solutions project that has developed innovative ways to monitor, measure and assess geological hazards by integrating Earth Observation data and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). The service combines data collected from a number of space and geological assets: LiveLand is currently working with Network Rail (Scotland) and Transport Scotland, the organisations responsible for the rail and road infrastructures of Scotland. The current and final stages of LiveLand is increasing the technology readiness level of the GNSS devices, branded as ‘STICKs’. These devices are in situ sensors that combine GNSS and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit – or ‘motion sensor’) technologies to determine long-term movements to millimetric accuracies and to provide immediate alerts when sudden larger movements are detected.


Read more in the article published on ESA's Business Applications website here.

To find out more about our Land and Infrastructure Monitoring system 'STICK', click here.




GMV announces the merger of its UK Company and NSL



7th September 2020



NSL are excited to announce the merger of GMV UK and NSL to set up the company, GMV NSL. This merger strengthens the multinational technological position of the United Kingdom’s space sector reinforcing its global leadership in satellite navigation and critical applications, earth observation, telecommunications, and new technologies. After the agreement, GMV becomes sole shareholder of NSL and sets up the company GMV NSL, to be integrated into GMV´s suite of companies GMV NSL, the post-merger company, will be 80 strong, with the ability to fully exploit the commercial, technological and operational synergies of both companies. Read the official press release here. 




FLAMINGO features on the cover of insidegnss insider!



16th April 2020

The InsideGNSS article discusses the methodology that has been developed as part of the FLAMINGO initiative, which provides real-time PPP and RTK GNSS positioning on smartphones and IoT devices. The article also explores the application of PPP as a real-time positioning service on the smartphone. The FLAMINGO service has achieved sub-meter positioning accuracies (below the 50 cm benchmark) in real-time. However, whilst PPP is operational for IoT devices that use dedicated GNSS modules, for the smartphone this high accuracy service is RTK-based and reliant on base station infrastructure within approximately 30 km of the user. This article describes our research findings implementing and testing the various freely available PPP products for Smartphone positioning.


Picture2  european global navigation satelite system horizon 2020