The World's First SBAS-enabled Smartphone Service


Nottingham, 16th November 2020


GMV NSL, RMIT University and FrontierSI are pleased to announce the demonstration of the first smartphone positioning service using data from SBAS DFMC (satellite-based augmentation system dual-frequency multi-constellation). In a collaborative project with Frontier SI and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), a world-first positioning service using SBAS DFMC data was developed and successfully demonstrated in real-time. Known as POSSUM, the service was developed within the Australia and New Zealand SBAS Test-bed, and utilised both raw GNSS data from the Android Raw GNSS API as well as precise correctional services of DFMC SBAS. The services that were demonstrated could be received by potentially millions of users in both countries, anywhere in which they are connected to mobile service networks. The project sought to showcase Aus-NZ SBAS within the consumer application market. With the availability of precise positioning on smartphones, it is anticipated that the industry will find new and varied applications to take advantage of increased location service performance. These include applications in the fields of travel, leisure/sports, gaming, engineering, and agriculture. The service was demonstrated in both Sydney and Melbourne. A picture representing one dynamic real-time test is presented here, showcasing the service in action, below this is an image of the POSSUM application running on a Smartphone.



Dynamic test writing the project name POSSUM in real-time



POSSUM smartphone application running in real-time on a Xiaomi Mi 8



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