NSL Attend ION GNSS+ 2015 for Detector Launch

18th September 2015

NSL has had a busy three days at the premier GNSS conference, the Institute of Navigation's (ION) GNSS+ 2015.  The event held in Tampa, Florida, is the focal point for the World's GNSS experts, companies and buyers.

sddefaultDECTECTOR Launch at Spirent's Exhibition StandThe event saw the official launch of the DETECTOR product that is built by NSL and sold and marketed through Spirent Communications plc. DETECTOR is the mainstay of the initiative's Robust PNT Test Framework that evaluates GPS and GNSS security vulnerabilities for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) systems. This framework enables threats to be detected in the field, taken into the lab and re-synthesized along with GPS and other GNSS signals. 

Whilst at the conference, NSL personnel were busy presenting our latest work and contributing to papers.  In all, eight papers involved NSL as authors.  

Congratulations to Enrique Aguado and David Lowe co-authors in a Best Paper award for "Signal-level Integrity and Metrics Based on the Application of Quickest Detection Theory to Multipath Detection" and to Mark Dumville who received the Best Presentation award for "Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of GNSS Threats on Governmental Applications and Receivers (QUASAR)".

Further details of the papers and presentations can be found here.