NSL Attend ION GNSS+ 2016 for Detector Launch

detector ion16GSS200D at ION16th September 2016


NSL has had a busy three days at the premier GNSS conference, the Institute of Navigation's (ION) GNSS+ 2016.  The event held in Portland, Oregon, is the focal point for the World's GNSS experts, companies and buyers.

The event saw the official launch of the second version of the DETECTOR product that is built by NSL and sold and marketed through Spirent Communications plc.  

The GSS200D is an interference detection, characterisation and isolation system that will operate on any two frequencies within the GNSS frequency plan.  As well as for receiver testing and vulnerability mitigation, the GSS200D is the ideal tool for protecting GNSS infrastructure sites to ensure they are operating free from signal interferences.

NSL also presented on STICK and STRIKE3 with congratulations to Mark Dumville who received the Best Presentation for the latter.