NSL's heritage is in geodesy and geomatics with members of our team being amoungst the forerunners of the processing of carrier phase GPS for high precision positioning and of the use of statistical quality measures to quantify positioning and navigation performance across a variety of market sectors.  We have continued to work in this area and have built a set of world leading software, tools and libraries that incorporate the very latest GNSS developments and augmentation of GNSS with other sensors.  Software is written to software classification DAL-C and DAL-D. 

Our capabilities include:

  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and SBAS positioning and navigation
  • Multi-frequency GNSS carrier phase and pseudorange processing
  • Least squares and Kalman filter implementations
  • Full Required Navigation Parameter computations (eg RAIM, ARAIM quality measures)
  • Outlier detection and elimination
  • Integration with INS, IMU, mapping, terrestrial positioning, and other sensors and signals of opportunity
  • Advanced Precise Point Positioning
  • In orbit validation routines

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