GMV NSL are the leading civilian authority on radio interference of the GNSS frequencies and signals. Our DETECTOR product has been developed to capture and analyse rogue interference signals.

DETECTOR comprises of GNSS hardware and server-based analysis and alerting software. The hardware continuously listens to the GNSS signals, capturing any abnormal RF signals that may occur. These signals are then analysed, their impact on PNT assessed, characterised in terms of interference type (for example this may be the type of GNSS jammer that is present), and parameterised so that the signal may be regenerated in a controlled environment for receiver testing purposes.


Key Features and Benefits

  • DETECTOR probes detect and record real-world interferences to the GNSS signal
  • Radio Frequency signal captures are characterised, categorised and parameterised with all information stored in a relational database for analysis
  • Event alerts are sent to users via email and/or text message based on user-defined trigger events
  • Manufacturers, integrators and purchasers of GNSS receivers can monitor their GNSS signal environment to understand the scale and severity of the threats
  • Service providers can ensure that their system is clean and free from interference
  • GNSS developers and service regulators can test their systems in the presence of captured interferences
  • GNSS developers can develop hardened receivers that are resilient to real-world interference signals