The GISMO (GNSS Integrity and Signal Monitoring Observatory) is a software-based service that meets the needs of organisations that provide GNSS-based products and services reliant on a minimum level of performance from GNSS. For example, GISMO is operational at international airports that support GNSS-based aviation procedures (R-NAV).

GISMO provides a full analysis of GNSS positioning and timing for any particular application, providing metrics on a 24/7 basis. This software suite can operate with any GNSS network which provides dual-frequency code and carrier data.

GISMO produces graphical and descriptive results, which can either be displayed online or used to generate periodic reports. The system is capable of the following distinct monitoring services.

  • Satellite availability, accuracy and integrity
  • Signal reception and signal quality statistics
  • Identification of faults and failures
  • Record of published NANUs
  • Comparison of NANU information and monitored GPS constellation behaviour
  • Satellite range error analyses
  • Station error analyses and modelling
  • Predicted satellite availability, accuracy and integrity
  • Comparison between predicted and observed values
  • Ensuring GPS is meeting the criteria specified within "Global Positioning System Standard Positioning Service (GPS SPS) Performance Standard - 2008"
  • Ensuring GPS is meeting the criteria specified within "ICAO SARPS (2006), Annex 10: International Standards and Recommended Practices"